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At present we can offer:

Manufacturer TypeModel Year
Agilent AOI SystemMedalist SJ50 Series 3 2007 Contact
BTU Soldering Machine (Reflow)Pyramax 150N X5 2008 Contact
Camalot DispenserFX-D 2012 Contact
DEK Screen PrinterHorizon 03iX 2014 Contact
DEK Screen PrinterInfinity API 2004 Contact
Dektec Soldering Machine (Reflow)BM-W845 2012 Contact
DIMA Soldering Machine (Reflow)RO-510 2007 Contact
Ersa Soldering Machine (Reflow)Hotflow 7/4 2000 Contact
Europlacer PlacerIINEO-2 2013 Contact
F&S Bondtec Wire Bonder5630 2014 Contact
Fuji Nozzle Cleaning System 2012 Contact
Fuji PlacerXP-141E 2008 Contact
Fuji PlacerXP-242E 2004 Contact
Heeb Inotec Soldering Machine (Wave)HWL250/330 2007 Contact
Juki PlacerJM-10 2012 Contact
Juki PlacerFX-1R 2006 Contact
Juki PlacerKE-2080M 2007 Contact
K-TECH Taping MachineBK-05 2015 Contact
Mimot PlacerAdvantage 2.7 2006 Contact
Mimot PlacerMX 2007 Contact
Modus AOI SystemMLD 1200 2014 Contact
OKI Rework StationAPR-5000-DZ 2014 Contact
Panasonic PlacerCM602-L 2008 Contact
Rehm Soldering Machine (Reflow)Compact 2.1 Nitro 1.8 B 2006 Contact
Rommel Loader/UnloaderLAG 55 S-400 2007 Contact
Rommel Loader/UnloaderLEG 55 S-400 2007 Contact
Saki AOI SystemBF-Frontier II 2010 Contact
Saki AOI SystemBF-Planet-X 2006 Contact
Samsung PlacerCP-45 FV Neo 2010 Contact
Siemens PlacerSiplace HS-60 2006 Contact
SMT Soldering Machine (Reflow)1.7 TC 2005 Contact
Vitronics Soltec Soldering Machine (Wave)Delta Wave 6622-CC 2005 Contact
Zipa Tec Soldering Machine (Selective)Select 2006 Contact
Zipa Tec Soldering Machine (Selective)Select 460 2009 Contact

( Subject to change, errors, omission and prior sale. )

If you are interested in any of the items listed, please ask for further details. If you are looking for other machines, please inform us too.

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